CorpsTHAT’s mission is to connect the Deaf Community and the outdoors through education,
recreation and careers.


The CorpsTHAT Name

CorpsTHAT came from the intersection of our two cultures:Logo5 copy

The English term corps means a group of persons acting together, or a body of people engaged in a common-interest activity. In English phrasing, CorpsTHAT is also a corps that values inclusivity.

When we sign CorpsTHAT, the word corps becomes the C handshape which represents the crews, the groups, and the teamwork that is valued when working outdoors and in conservation corps.  In ASL the expression, ‘that!‘ is an idiom for ‘you hit the nail on the head’





Who we are

CorpsTHAT was founded by Sachiko Flores and Emma Bixler who are dedicated to the conservation corps experience and expanding the horizons of the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and American Sign Language Community in the outdoors. Sachiko and Emma met while working for the Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa’s Summer Youth Program in 2011. They both continued to explore their interests nationally and internationally in facilitating experiential learning opportunities for youth and young adults. After working for multiple conservation corps, they saw the need within those programs for more support to understand the complexity of social inclusion in the outdoors. This lead to the founding of CorpsTHAT in the fall of 2016.




Sachiko Flores
Sachiko Flores studied Wildlife and Fisheries Science at Texas A&M University and went on to get her Masters in International Development from Gallaudet University.  Her studies have taken her all over the world where she has invested in the local cultures and customs as well as the environment. After working in Thailand in disability rights, Sachiko came back to the states eager to get back into conservation leading her to set up CorpsTHAT.










Emma Bixler
Emma Bixler attended California State University Northridge earning her degree in Deaf Studies and Child and Adolescent Development.  Emma has worked in Deaf Education, Conservation Corps and at Gallaudet University.  Combining all of her passions: Deaf education, youth development and conserving the outdoors has lead her to set up CorpsTHAT.








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