Southeast Conservation Corps

Program Year: 2021

Project Partners: United States National Forest Service and Lula Lake Land Trust

Program Dates: Session 1: 6/6 – 6/25  Session 2: 7/5 – 7/23

Leader(s): Ivy Chow and Nat Langerman 

Ages of Corps Member: 16 – 20


This was the third year Southeast Conservation Corps and CorpsTHAT partnered together to set up the second ASL inclusion crew within SECC’s programs. In 2017 Brenna Kelly reached out to CorpsTHAT with the vision of making SECC’s crews more accessible and inclusive to Deaf and Hard of Hearing youth and young adults in the Southeast region. Seeing the success of the first crew in 2019 both organizations were excited to work together again for the 2020 season.  Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic the crew was unable to run that summer.  With the situation better under control this summer we were excited to work with SECC again in partnering to make sure their ASL Inclusion (ASLi) Crew was successful! Because of this we were able to combine CorpsTHAT’s Crew Leader training with SECC and therefore had more opportunity to support the crews in person this year.   SECC’s first session and second session ASLi Crews worked hard, accomplishing a lot this summer! 

Project Accomplishments

  • 8 first time corps members and leaders

CorpsTHAT Provided:


Crew Leader Training

Supported the training of crew leaders, providing direct communication, leadership and educational training tailored to fit the needs of Deaf leaders and members as well as technical field training. 


Providing Qualified Outdoor Interpreters

Placed our interpreting intern who interpreted the crew’s weekend recreation and any onsite project needs. Worked with Trail Blazing Interpreters to provide interpreters for project contact meetings, training and debriefs on site and at the office.



Hosting presentations at area schools virtual and hosting job opportunity webinars.  Sitting in on interviews to provide direct communication as well as feedback in hiring. 


Programmatic Support 

Training staff and project contacts, debrief with staff, and available to answer any questions or concerns. provided ongoing education and knowledge share of the Deaf community and working with Deaf individuals. 


Crew Leader, Maryland


Crew Leader, Massachusetts

``Working for the ASLi inclusion crew this summer definitely changed the way I view life. I am much more eager to spend time outdoors, and have really made the connection to Mother Nature. I learned a lot about myself and others, and how important it is for us to work and recreate outdoors.`` -- Nat

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