Job Training


CorpsTHAT provides resources, support, and consultation to other conservation corps with ASL inclusion crews throughout the nation. CorpsTHAT can help you accomplish critical conservation projects while maintaining your ASL inclusion crews. We know that it might become daunting to figure out how to recruit, develop educational materials, job training materials and so forth to accommodate Deaf and hard of hearing youth especially with American Sign Language and cultural identity in mind. That is when CorpsTHAT can come into to assist with providing consultation, recruitment, educational materials, etc. so that your ASL inclusion crew has a successful season.


We are pleased to announce that we are currently partnering with Southeast Conservation Corps (SECC) for the summer 2020 season. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in partnering with us for your ASL inclusion crew program.


Also, to add, we are proud to announce that we have established the CorpsThat conservation corps: Summer 2020 Youth Program. Feel free to go to this link for more information.


CorpsTHAT recognizes that it can be challenging to discover mentors, colleagues, and peers in the conservation and outdoor industry as Deaf and hard of hearing individuals. CorpsTHAT has been working on to develop a space where Deaf and hard of hearing land management employees, outdoor professionals, employees in the conservation corps fields, and much more can connect and share ideas. CorpsTHAT intends to offer opportunities for members to engage and form authentic relationships in a variety of settings that are inclusive and accessible to grow a thriving, supportive community of diverse Deaf and hard of hearing professionals help enrich the fields of conservation and outdoor recreation and education.


CorpsTHAT understands that it can be frustrating and quite limiting for Deaf and hard of hearing land management employees, outdoor professionals, employees in the conservation corps fields, and outdoor interpreters to discover professional development accessible in American Sign Language. It is why CorpsTHAT has been dedicated to developing workshops, training, educational materials with ASL, including kinesthetic and visual elements approaches in mind.

CorpsTHAT aims to provide events and training for individuals seeking specific certifications and credentials. We also deliver a variety of webinars and other online education throughout the year. Opportunities can be searched in our Event Calendar.

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