Camping 101


This introductory course is for anyone who wants to learn basic camping skills to apply to car camping, family camping, and day hiking. If this sounds intriguing, then join CorpsTHAT’s outdoor educators for this hands-on, first look at camping presented in American Sign Language! Our camping 101 classes help prepare everyone for what they would need and give them the knowledge and skills to be able to embark on their first camping adventure with confidence! We will be discussing the types of gear required, reserving a campsite at your favorite national park, cooking over the campfire tips, safety tips, and get insider tips to help you camp for the first time or for the 100th time! 

May 28th

Backpacking 101


Many of us are drawn to the open trail, our gear on our back, and map in hand, searching for some solitude next to a campfire far beyond the lights of the city. If these things seem appealing to you, then this course would be an excellent fit for you. This online backpacking 101 course will cover the tips and tricks of backpacking and low-impact camping from a Deaf outdoor educator. Topics will include proper gear selection, packing your backpack, meal and route planning, safety and risk management, water treatment, and waste management. By the end of this course, the many questions and concerns you have about backpacking will be answered, and you will feel prepared and well equipped for your next adventure.

June 11th

Leave No Trace: Awareness Workshop


Have you always wanted to learn more about low-impact camping, hiking or how to better enjoy the outdoors responsibly? This introductory Leave No Trace course will provide you with a better understanding of the impact of recreation-related activities, the seven principles, and how Leave No Trace skills and ethics can help protect the outdoor places we love. We hope you’ll join our Deaf outdoor educator for this hands-on course on the seven principles of Leave No Trace presented in American Sign Language. Upon completion of this workshop you will be eligible for an LNT Awareness Certification from

June 25th


Gear Maintenance 101


This course is for anyone who wants to learn the basics in maintenancing outdoor gear. We all know how expensive outdoor gear can be and how much we beat it up when we are having fun in the outdoors. When something breaks, we sometimes can’t just go out and buy another expensive one. This course will be taught in American Sign Language by an experienced Deaf Outdoor expert and handy-person who will share tips on maintaining your gear and saving your money! 

July 9th

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