CorpsTHAT Crew 2021

Program Year: 2021

Project Partners: United States National Forest Service, Anacostia Watershed Society, Baltimore Compost Collective, and Blue Water Baltimore

Program Dates: June 6, 2021 – July 2, 2021

Leader(s): Anna Lynch and Gracie Kelleher

Ages of Corps Member: 18 – 27


The purpose of our conservation crew was to provide communication accessible space for crew to grow in their way in the field. The most unique aspect about CorpsTHAT was communication between crew leaders, crew members, Corpsthat admins, and interpreters is in ASL. There is no conservation crew like this around the world. We got to educate our contact project about our language and culture. We got to meet passionate project contacts who gave their time toward nature in many different ways. We got to witness, learn, and get to work with them! Several times, while working we got to be called “crew angels” by the Appalachian trail SOBO/NOBO hikers, horse riders, and hikers. It was such a huge honor to be called by them. We served most of our work at George Washington Jefferson National Forest; Greyson Highland, southwest section of Virginia for three weeks. Ended our work at Anacostia Park, a small city park, Baltimore compost collective’s farm, and in between route 40 in one week. 

Project Accomplishments

  • 7 first time corps members and leaders
  • 6 acres of land improved
  • 16,236  feet of trail improved 
  • 2 sets of compost rotation
  • 460 trees mulched
  • 30+ jars of local honey filled
  • 10+ goats fed

Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area

The majority of the funding for this program came from a grant with the National Forest Foundation in partnership with the George Washington Jefferson National Forest.  For 3 weeks our crew worked hard, pulling invasive plants, re-establishing native habitats in the highlands area and maininating trails throughout the forest.


Anacostia Watershed Society

We completed two projects: caring for trees along the Anacostia River and developing a trail for a city park. 


Baltimore Compost Collective

We sifted through two bins of compost and then transferred the compost to separate bins so it could begin the next step in the compost cycle. We also jarred 50 jars of local honey and fed and watered the fifteen goats that live in the garden. 


Blue Water Baltimore 

At Blue Water Baltimore we worked along US Route 40 to mulch and maintain 460 newly planted trees. Adding new mulch to the trees to suppress weeds, retain moisture, and moderate soil temperature. 


Crew Leader



Crew Leader

South Carolina


Crew Member



Crew Member



Crew Member



Crew Member



Crew Member

South Dakota

“When I graduated after a year and half of online learning, I was in a dire need of a serious reset mentally and emotionally. CorpsTHAT offered an opportunity for me to participate in a month long conservative effort program with similar aged group members and I didn’t hesitate to go for it. I was surprised when the month flew by! This experience definitely has showed me how many different life paths that are open to me. But I’ll miss my fellow W.A.G. team members!!! I’m glad that I get to go home with many memories and life lessons to last me a lifetime.” --Sam Forshay, 21, Puyallup, Washington

“Immediately upon arriving at our camp for the first night, I could already tell taking this job was one of the best decisions I made. Exploring and working in the forest and other natural areas with the other crew members and leaders really deepened my sense of love for the outdoors and everything it holds. I found a sense of peace and serenity that I haven’t felt in a long time. After these past four weeks of hard work, I feel a sense of empowerment that I can remain outdoors and a little voice inside my head that is encouraging me to continue working in conservation. Working for CorpsTHAT showed me that with a great crew, anything is achievable.” --Mara Land, 22 , Dell Rapids, South Dakota

``CorpsTHAT crew #1 has shown me what it is like to work with an achievable crew! We effectively communicate, check-in ourselves and others daily, and complete outdoor tasks. Each crew member has contributed their unique way in the field has made me feel inspired.`` --Anna Lynch, 27, Beaufort, South Carolina

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