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Want to get involved in conserving our public lands but can’t commit to a full summer working with a conservation corps? Or want to apply for a conservation corps job this summer but want to get some experience before hand? Volunteering with local organizations are great ways to get outside, gain more experience, feel rewarded and have fun!

Casey Trees
A organization based in DC that is dedicated to increasing DC’s tree canopy by planting trees within the city. There is lots of ways to volunteer by planting or caring for the trees, as a group or an individual.

Come help Gallaudet add to their tree canopy with Casey Trees!! October 21st  Join us for the first planting at Gallaudet University! Advance registration is required; space is limited. Register here

National Park Service
Has lots of volunteer opportunities in and around the DC Metro area. Get out and visit your local park and give back to your community and the environment. Anything from interacting with visitors to helping restore the habitat or maintaining public spaces, NPS just celebrated their 100th year and with your help NPS will be able to celebrate the next 100!

Currently the NPS is in need of volunteers to staff the new Ranger Station in the new REI Flagship store that is down the street from Gallaudet University! Visit www.volunteer.gov and apply to the Interpreter of DC Public Lands ASAP!

Appalachian Trail Conservancy
The Appalachian Trail is a hiking trail that spends over 2,000miles from Georgia to Maine. And the Appalachian Trail Conservancy is the main organization that works and fights to conserve and protect it since the 1920’s when the trail was still just an idea. The entire trail was completed in 1937 and needs constant maintenance every year to stay open and accessible to hikers. The ATC has six crews responsible for different regions of the trail. Running from May to October, volunteers join the crew for a week at a time and help to tackle large scale projects.

Mid-Atlantic Trail Crew
The closest ATC Trail Crew to the DC Metro area is the Mid-Atlantic Trail Crew that is based out of Carlisle, PA and runs September through October.

Potomac Trail Club
Another organization that has taken responsibility for building, maintaining and managing the AT is the Potomac Trail Club. An organization built mostly of volunteers and their hard work, there are lots of opportunities to show your love to the AT and natural areas that are along the trail in the Potomac region.

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