Summer Tour: Week 1 Announcements

We are excited to announce where we will be going the first week of our summer tour.  Check out this video to find out where and who we will be visiting and other announcements from CorpsTHAT!  Links in the transcript below.  Be sure to stay tune later this week when we will post about volunteer opportunities!


Hello, hello!

We are excited to announce where we are going for the first week of our summer tour! But first we want to let you all know how thankful we are to everyone who came to our Summer Kick-off gathering last month.  We really appreciate all your support, your donations and purchasing our apparel.  It’s inspiring connect with everyone. Thank you so much!  Also we want to inform you our etsy shop is open and ready for business.  Visit our website click on shop from the menu and you will be connected to our etsy shop. We uploaded new items: postcards, t-shirts like the one I am wearing, and our summer tour poster that lists everywhere we will visit.  NOW are you ready to know where we will be going for our first week!?  I’m excited to inform your our first stop will be the state of Vermont!  While in Vermont, we will be visiting the ASL Farmers, Vermont Youth Conservation Corps’ (VYCC) ASL Inclusion Crew, and a Deaf Forest Service employee. We are looking forward to visit everyone and  film our experience.  We will be uploading and posting photos and videos to our website and social media so be sure to keep an eye out for those! Hope to see you out there!

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