Sko and Emma eat their way through VT

Breaking Vegetarianism: The ASL Farmers 
While visiting the ASL Farmers, Stuart Soboleski and Blair Rasmus invited us to stay for dinner and spend the night on their land near Craftsbury, VT.  Dinner was freshly harvested salad paired with hamburgers. They had raised their own beef, so Emma (who identifies as a pescatarian, most of the time) made it a special occasion to join in on the beef eating with everyone– well she had one big bite. The beef ended up being the most delicious, soft, tender, juicy beef Emma has ever eaten… If all beef was this good, and raised this sustainably she wouldn’t be a pescatarian/vegetarian. The food was so delicious, priorities were spent on eating, not taking photos of our food. (check out our blog post on our visit to the ASL Farmers)
We got the opportunity to sleep in Stuart and Blair’s wall tent for the night. Emma helped out (well she broke a cucumber plant, and still feels sorry about that!!) with weeding.  Blair, Stuart and Rowan gave us a warm welcome to Vermont.
Next Stop: Top of the Hill BBQ, Brattleboro, VT
Delicious vegan/vegetarian BBQ– that is gold!  It doesn’t happen often that a vegetarian can even eat the side dishes at a BBQ place; bacon is thrown into everything, even the napkins. But here tucked into the trees of Vermont, was a BBQ place that offered lots of vegetarian and vegan options.  Even with all the great vegetarian dishes, Sko took this opportunity to have a beef burger but Emma stuck with her vegetarian identity for the night and went for Tempeh BBQ sauce wrap! On top of the yummy food, the view and venue were just as stellar, sitting out on the deck overlooking the river, magically tucked high into the tree canopy and string of lights glowing in the dusk, leaves you feeling you are in a tropical place not rural Vermont!
**Word of caution to veggie eaters, at first glance it seems almost half of the items on the menu are vegetarian but on closer inspection you will see that half of those dishes are made with rice and beans that contain meat (I’m assuming lard), making them not vegetarian… Not sure about their categorizing process— like why they put dishes made with animal fat under the vegetarian category but even excluding the rice and bean “vegetarian” dishes there is still a large yummy selection!
Delicious beef burger and vegetarian tempeh BBQ sauce wrap!
Eating all Day: Super Fresh Organic Cafe,  Brattleboro, VT
If you are looking for a really good cafe with delicious food and a comfortable atmosphere stop in at Super Fresh Organic Cafe! Hippy vibes, Vermont feels, and a place you can stay and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner all on the same day, we did, it was great.
Good vibes and yummy food from Super Fresh Organic Cafe in Brattleboro, VT
Driving all Day: In the car left over pizza from HomeSlyce, Baltimore, MD
Even with all the yummy options Vermont had to offer us, there were still left over pizza out of the box, in the car, while driving to our next location, nights.  We love their HomeSlyce Classic Pizza all those veggies and all those nuts!
Classic road trip food.  Working hard and moving from place to place, left over pizza is a life saver!
Working all Day: Pingala, Burlington, VT.
After our meeting at the VYCC headquarters we decided to head over to Burlington, VT for the day, with the goal to get some work done.  We found this yummy vegan cafe and decided to try it out.  We stayed just long enough to eat our food, enjoy the river view and figure out the wi-fi was too weak to get any real work done.  We moved on to the public library in Burlington and after one parking ticket and feeding our parking meter at least twice we thoroughly took use of the free strong public wi-fi and got lots of work done. And got to chat with our table neighbor who knew ASL since his daughter is Deaf and a current Gallaudet University student. Productive and yummy day.
Emma working hard in the public library of Burlington after a delisous breakfast.
Good Recommendations: American Flat Bread, Burlington, VT
Once again when the food is next level good and we are starving and talking business there is no pictures to be taken, just food to be enjoyed. Thanks to Stephen Cohen, VYCC- conservation Program Coordinator’s, suggestion we enjoyed a delicious vegetarian pizza and local brews, and were able to discuss and more thoroughly plan out our documentary.
VYCC’s headquarters is a beautiful red barn tucked into Vermont’s green mountains.
One Pot Meals: Throughout the great state of VERMONT
Cooking for Ourselves: When we weren’t eating in delicious vegetarian cafes we were making our own yummy food by a beautiful camp site…
Due to sheer laziness we made the best one pot meals we could!
No matter where we ate our one pot meals, by a beautiful camp site or in a random motel,
we made sure they were yummy!

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