We work closely with outdoor organizations to develop strategies that make their programs more inclusive. We offer services that fit your needs, including:


Education and Training

Your dedication to diversity and inclusion motivates us to expand deaf-friendly work environment. Facilitating between organizations and the Deaf community, we provide education and training onsite or with virtual support on how to:

  • create an inclusive environment,
  • communicate in diverse outdoor settings,
  • empower cross-cultural experiences, and
  • effectively solve the challenges that will arise.


Community Connection

We collaborate with communities to find leaders for you to connect and engage with them. Through our networks and partnerships, we are here to ensure that you have access to information, communication, and knowledge where you can:

  • learn more about inclusive programs that support Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in outdoor recreation,
  • develop valuable experience on the path to outdoor careers, and
  • serve and volunteer outdoors in parks and wilderness areas.




Recruiting locally and nationally and providing accessibility can be expensive and time consuming. We commit to provide you opportunities for the growth, including:

  • minimizing the time involved in the searching for organizations and viable candidates who would be the right cultural fit for you,
  • presenting and attending job fairs,
  • promote advertising to job board on our website,
  • developing accessible media in ASL and with closed captions, and
  • maintaining a large database of ASL-fluent outdoor experts.



Our environment is constantly changing but how can you keep up? We provide initiatives and resources to increasingly aware of the environmental problems Earth is facing and why should we be concerned about it. We show some ways how you can:

  • help protect and restore wildlands,
  • explore and enjoy the great outdoors,
  • learn more about national monuments and wilderness, and
  • share your stories that will make a positive impact on the communities.



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