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CorpsTHAT strives to create accessible spaces in the outdoors for the Deaf Community. We believe that outdoor recreation is an important and empowering experience; we have seen how having those experiences leads people to support conservation efforts or to enter a career in the outdoor and environmental industry. 
Often times the Deaf Community is left out of recreational opportunities due to lack of communication access.  We hope to change that with our Outdoor Ambassador Program by hosting more accessible outdoor events and getting more people in the Deaf Community involved in the outdoors!

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Meet CorpsTHAT’s Outdoor Ambassadors!

Nation Capital Region

IMG_9327Sophia Hu
Arlington, VA

Although Sophia enjoys playing sports outside and being active, she had never gone hiking or backpacking until she moved to VA in 2016 and was invited to a backpacking trip with other female co-workers. Immediately, she fell in love with backpacking and is always seeking more opportunities to go backpacking and explore the outdoors more. Being a relative newcomer to the outdoors, she hasn’t visited many national parks (yet), but her favorite one so far is Saguenay Fjord National Park in Quebec, Canada. She hopes to explore more national parks, especially in the West. As a CorpsTHAT Outdoor Ambassador, she is excited to share her newfound passion for the outdoors with other people, especially the Deaf, and go on fun, exciting adventures together!





Midwest Region

Northeast Region

Lauren Sprauge

Sam Brag 1Sam Bragg
South Portland, 

Sam has been passionate about the outdoors since a young age, especially coming from a family with strong roots in agriculture and the outdoors. The fact that approximately 90 percent of Maine is forested, which is the highest percentage of any state in the country. This really did contribute to her overall experience of playing in the woods of Maine. She has always lived in an area with at least 3 to 4 acres of property – and her parents always emphasized the importance of playing outdoors and making sure she got her hands and feet dirty from the dirt. To this day, her experience of living in the woods really do contribute to who she is today.
After graduating, she continued her passionate and love for the outdoors by working at different locations – i.e. several different local farms, Green Mountain Lions Camp, Aspen Camp, AmeriCorps, Conservation Corps, etc. Currently, she is enrolled into the Adventure Education Master’s program with Prescott College. While she spends most of the year teaching ASL part time and being a graduate student full time, yet she manages to fit in quick hikes in a local parks or multi-night backpacking trips. She claims that it is rather difficult to pick her favorite place to hike but she enjoys hiking in the White River National Forest particularly the Maroon Bells- Snowmass Wilderness.
Sam is excited to begin as an Outdoor Ambassador for the state of Maine and the states nearby.
As some of you may already know, there is an ongoing dialogue on how to create a diverse and
inclusive outdoor education programs throughout the nation. This is the time to ensure that
outdoor education and recreational programs are accessible for the Deaf community which is
why she is eager to get started as an Outdoor Ambassador!

Southwest Region

Dan Timlen
Santa Fe, NM



Southeast Region

Scott Cohen
Atlanta, GA


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