Outdoor Ambassador


Meet CorpsTHAT’s Outdoor Ambassadors!

Nation Capital Region

IMG_9327Sophia Hu
Arlington, VA

Although Sophia enjoys playing sports outside and being active, she had never gone hiking or backpacking until she moved to VA in 2016 and was invited to a backpacking trip with other female co-workers. Immediately, she fell in love with backpacking and is always seeking more opportunities to go backpacking and explore the outdoors more. Being a relative newcomer to the outdoors, she hasn’t visited many national parks (yet), but her favorite one so far is Saguenay Fjord National Park in Quebec, Canada. She hopes to explore more national parks, especially in the West. As a CorpsTHAT Outdoor Ambassador, she is excited to share her newfound passion for the outdoors with other people, especially the Deaf, and go on fun, exciting adventures together!



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