MLK Day of Service

The MLK Day of Service encourages all Americans to improve our communities through volunteer service. It helps to empower individuals, strengthen communities, bridge barriers, address social problems, and move us closer to Dr. King’s vision of a Beloved Community.  Volunteering unites Americans of all ages and backgrounds to build stronger communities. This #MLKDay of Service help meet local needs. Find volunteer opportunities, resources, videos and more on our dedicated site:


This year due to COIVD-19 we will be doing a virtual day of service through suggested acts of service that you can do in your local community and share with us. Join us and commit to giving back to your community in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Here’s how to join CorpsTHAT in spending a day on instead of a day off on this MLK day!

  1. Gather a bag, gloves and a mask
  2. Pick a park, trail, beach or city block near you
  3. Set a time ( 30 min, 1 hour, 3 hours etc.) and go out for a walk in that area and pick up all the trash you see, especially the micro trash. 
  4. Take pictures!
    1. A before and after
    2. The strangest thing you find
    3. All the trash you collect
    4. The beautiful nature around you
  5. Make a vlog, share with us why you are outdoors, doing a day of service, why it’s important to pick up trash and the difference it makes
  6. Send us an email with:
    1.  All your pictures
    2. The weight or bag size of trash you pick up
    3. How many people joined you
    4. How long you spent
  7. Have fun, spread the magic, encourage others to join you!
  8. Check CorpsTHAT’s instagram and facebook to see real time updates throughout the day! 

MLK Day of Service Resources

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