ASL Inclusion Crew Fundraiser


On September 15-16th, Team CorpsTHAT will be riding and running in the Patapsco Trail Fest’s mountain bike and trail running race. We are all participating in this event to raise awareness and funds to support SECC’s inaugural American Sign Language Youth Crew next summer. We aim to raise $1,000 to contribute along with the SECC’s fundraising goal of $7,000 to build and support this program.

In 2019, South East Conservation Corps will run its inaugural American Sign Language Inclusion crews. Participants in the ASL program will have the opportunity to learn and grow through two consecutive three-week programs. The crews will camp out during the program, working on conservation projects during the week and weekends will be filled with education and recreation activities. This program will be the first of its kind in the Southeast region and will increase opportunities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing youth to work outside, learn job and leadership-development skills, learn outdoor skills, and gain technical conservation field experience to increase their career opportunities.


The breakdown:

CorpsTHAT is partnering with the South East Conservation Corps to establish their inaugural American Sign Language (ASL) Youth Crews in 2019. SECC plans to run two three-week conservation crews next summer. CorpsTHAT and SECC are raising funds to launch the crew.  CorpsTHAT will be participating in the Patapsco Trail Fest September 16th to fundraise for this crew.  CorpsTHAT is hoping to contribute $1,000 of raised funds to help cover the costs of running the crew.  Join our CorpsTHAT team as a runner, mountain biker or hiker and celebrate the beautiful views in Patapsco State park while you are also supporting job opportunities for Deaf Youth and young Adults. Donations to support this program can be made through SECC’s RallyUp Page and you can also support the building of our ASL crew program by purchasing a “Trail MORE” shirt.

Who will be racing for Team CorpsTHAT?

You! Buy a “Trail More” T-shirt and come join our running, mountain bike or hiking team!


Why are we racing?

CorpsTHAT’s mission is to connect the Deaf Community and the outdoors. We do this through programing, such as the SECC ASL Inclusion Crew, as well as hosting outdoor events to engage the Deaf community in the beautiful outdoors. Patapsco Trail Fest fits into our mission and values and is a great opportunity to get outside and have fun!

Why Patapsco Trail Fest?

CorpsTHAT has been involved with many Conservation Corps ASL Inclusion Crews across the country.  In these programs, Deaf youth and young adults often build trails in local state or national parks like the ones we will be running and biking on at the Trail Fest. Patapsco is a beautiful state park that is just outside of Baltimore, MD where CorpsTHAT is based.  In the DC, Maryland and Virginia metro area there is a large Deaf Community and CorpsTHAT wishes to celebrate the trails and outdoor spaces that our Deaf Community uses!


How can you get involved?
Here are some ways that you can show your support.

1) Donate on SECC’s RallyUp page

2) Buy a Trail More T-shirt so you are part of our team!

3) Donate via check to CorpsTHAT***

4) Share our Trail more T-shirt and SECC’s RallyUp Page on all your social media



Call (202)-650-0383

***Please make all check out to CorpsTHAT. Mailing address: 1625 Covington St. Baltimore, MD 21230

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