Online and in-person learning about sustainability, policy, participation, outdoor recreation and education to help advance your career, personal interests, your company, and the outdoor industry.

What is outdoor education?

It is when learning takes place in the outdoors. Outdoor education typically involves residential or expeditions-based experiences when participants are involved in different recreational activities such as hiking, climbing, canoeing, backpacking, and more. It incorporates the practice of experiential and kinesthetic learning. CorpsTHAT has been dedicated to providing outdoor education opportunities in ASL. We developed several backpacking trips, leave no trace workshops, introduction to camping workshops and et cetera.

Why is outdoor education important for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals?

For some time now, there has always been this existing barrier facing Deaf and hard of hearing participants in outdoor education and recreation settings. The barriers are typically economic, educational, social, risk management, legal and accessibility. CorpsTHAT aims to reduce barriers for the Deaf and hard of hearing community by providing affordable and accessible outdoor education. There are so many benefits to experiencing outdoor education, experiential education, and outdoor recreation.

In-person and online courses

All of the outdoor education materials are accessible in spoken language but are not accessible to the Deaf community. CorpsTHAT has been focusing on converting the documents into American Sign Language (ASL). The following are the examples of materials we have developed how to find hiking routes, intro to backpacking, navigation, and so forth are now accessible in ASL. A significant part of the reason why there are not many Deaf people in the outdoor industry is that the information is not accessible in ASL. CorpsTHAT has the intention of creating more online content including courses and webinars to provide conservation, outdoor education, and recreation content in ASL. The perks of online courses and webinars are they are not location-based which means people from all over the United States are able to register courses are 100% accessible, not only can you access to the online webinars and classes online, it is also affordable.

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Stewardship Programs

CorpsTHAT Stewardship Programs provide Deaf youth from primary to secondary schools with a hands-on volunteer and camping experience where they work alongside Deaf land managers or outdoor experts and learn how conservation, stewardship, and the local ecology all correlate with one another. The programs last one day to five days and take place regionally throughout the country. Stewardship programs will have at least one Deaf crew leader to lead the volunteer work project and provide the youth with all the necessary training.

Contact us if you want to get more information about our stewardship program!




If you do not feel that outdoor education or stewardship is what your school and/or program is looking for, please feel free to contact us for a custom-made program and/or request a presenter for workshops, conferences, schools, and more.

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