The ASL Farmers- Living off the Land

CorpsTHAT’s first stop on our Summer Tour was in Northern Vermont with the ASL Farmers, Stuart Soboleski, Blair Rasmus and their daughter Rowan.


Driving through the night from Maryland to arrive in northern Vermont was only bearable because of the beauty and warm welcome we received when we arrived at the tiny country store in Craftsbury, VT.  Unlike other rural communities I have been to, the rural farming communities of Vermont bring the fresh taste of sustainable foods that you typically only find in hipster, gentrified areas of big cities. Instead of being in the hustle of a big city, we were enjoying our local home-brewed Kombucha in rolling hills of the green mountain state. We were lucky enough to experience first hand how and who grows this deliciously fresh food by visiting the ASL Farmers and their homestead outside of Craftsburg, VT.


Stuart has been farming, harvesting and cultivating the land for many years. He is in tune with the seasons and what seeds to plant, how to support the plants as they slowly grow and climb through the air towards the sun.  At times he finds himself facing harsh winters or springs and summers that don’t corporate with nourishing his plants. And areas where the soil is most rich, typically means that he is far from strong central Deaf Communities. He shared with us his experiences of working and communicating with hearing people in farming communities. As well as his dreams for connecting young Deaf people with working outdoors and working with the soil, which he is doing first hand with his one year-old daughter, Rowan, as she explores the plants and soil alongside her parents. From the first few hours as he and Blair showed us around their land and community, it was obvious that although they may face challenges farming they also find sustainability within overcoming those challenges. Every year brings a new crop, a new perspective and new success.


If you are interested in learning more about the ASL Farmer you can visit their Facebook page here.

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