2017 Summer Tour

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CorpsTHAT Tour Route:


Here’s a trailer of CorpsTHAT’s documentary film, coming out in 2018.

Through the Deaf perspective, we documented the personal and community experience, the knowledge and wisdom, the gains and cultural exchanges that take place and the barriers and obstacles that arise in the outdoors.  Compiling our footage into a documentary film we also have drafted reports to further advocate for accessibility in the outdoors. 

Through our travels we visited:
-ASL Inclusion Crews in Conservation Corps
-Deaf employees in the environmental field
-Deaf Outdoor Community Members

Northeast Region

June 21st- ASL Farm
June 22nd- Manchester USFS District Office
June 26th- Vermont Youth Conservation Corps
June 29th- NY/NJ Trail Conference 
July 1- NY/NJ Trail Conference Volunteer Day

The Midwest and Rocky Moutains

July 4th- Badlands NPS
July 5th- Hudson-Meng Education and Research Center
July 7th- NPS Intermountain Region Office and Clear Creak Ranger District
July 10th- Rocky Mountain Youth Corps
July 14th- Southwest Conservation Corps
July 17th- Flagstaff Ranger District

Pacific West Region

July 24th- Yosemite NPS
July 27th- Siskiyou Mountain Ranger District
July 31st- Northwest Youth Corps
August 18th- Ochoco National Forest
August 22nd- Oregon Adaptive Sport
August 28th- San Jaun National Historic Park

The Rocky Moutains

September 1st- Glacier NPS
September 8th- NOLS
September 9th- Rocky Mountain NPS

Southeast and Northeast Region

September 12th- Southeast Conservation Corps
September 15th- Gallaudet University


Thank you CTHAT Tour (1)

CorpsTHAT’S Summer Tour was made possible in thanks to the support from our community. 

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